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May 04 2011

...happily ever after.

[Noisebridge]BioBoard blog

Hello everyone, and welcome back for the final installment of the BioBoard blog! Today is the last day of the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011, and thus our last chance to tell you about all the cool stuff we've been doing on this project over the last 6 weeks. In all fairness, those of you who've kept up with the blog already know most of this, but since this is our last post, please...

Done !!!

HackerspaceSG Great Global Hackerspace Challenge Blog

Finally we are done. We call our project Smart Room Jr.


- Kevin




< start abstract >



Smart Room Jr is and educational tool which uses a smart home as a  setting to give kids a fun and easy introduction to electronics. It  consists of a set of modules, each performing discrete and clearly  defined functions. The modules can be plugged together in various  combinations to illustrate...

Challenge Summary


Project name: EDUBRM




Aim of our project was to create an open platform for teaching electronic principles. Our target audience were students of elementary and comprehensive schools interested in this field. The main idea of the project is to provide modular design. One "mother board" can be extended with a set of "shields" which are used for particular scenarios. During the challenge...

Makerspace Urbana GGHC Entry - The Duinolab

element14 : Blog List - Makerspace Urbana

The Duinolab is an Arduino-based development kit packaged in a small  plastic document case that closes up, fits in your laptop bag, and has  all the basic stuff that you would want to mess with when doing an  Arduino-based electronics project, in one easy-to-store,  easy-to-transport, easy-to-use package. It is inspired by the Radio  Shack Electronics Learning Lab,  which I used to first...

Big Board wrap-up 8: Budget

element14 : Blog List - Hack Factory Global Hackerspace Challenge

Total expenditure was approximately $470US:


Approximately $50 for pipe, foam, and other raw materials for the components.

Approximately $100 for the polymer clay for the resistors and other components, although we probably have close to $50 of it left.

Approximately $50 for the casting materials used for LEDs and such.

Approximately $60 for various parts and pieces that were not used- some reed...

Workshop 88 presents: The Educubes

element14 : Blog List - Workshop 88 - Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

Workshop 88 presents: The Educubes
For the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge, the team at Workshop 88 designed, built and programmed a series of five interactive cubes which are intended to be used as a platform for encouraging students at all levels to learn.
The Educubes that we made have a touchscreen for displaying problems and puzzles for students to work out and attempt to solve. The...

What is next for the Educubes

element14 : Blog List - Workshop 88 - Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

We think our Educubes work really well and we're extremely happy with how they turned out.  But there's always room for improvement.  Occaisionally one or two of the Educubes will lockup while in use and need to be rebooted.  It seems to be a timing issue that we haven't quite tracked down yet.  It's a minor issue, but one that should be addressed.
A next generation design of the Educube would...

Educubes in Action

element14 : Blog List - Workshop 88 - Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

We demonstrate the applications we developed for Educubes.







May 03 2011

We did it!

element14 : All Content - Metalab

The EduBuzzer, our hackerspace challenge contribution is finished.


It works!


We gave you some previews and reviews over the past 5 weeks and from time to time we were not sure we could make it in time.


But we did! and boy how we did!!!


Lets start at the beginning 5 weeks ago..

We had a meeting of ~10 people and we gathered ideas what we could build for the hackerspacechallenge.


Various ideas...

Sensor Testing

element14 : Blog List - FAMiLab-GGHC

One of the more fun parts of our work on the Sensing Platform was the design of SenseAble sensor nodes.


I started seeing sensors everywhere I went, and I wasn't the only one. Sirwolfgang said it best last night when tomlong74 picked up a wastebasket shredder last night and said "whats this?" - sirwolfgang promptly yelled - "IT'S A SENSOR!"


I've done lots of sensor work before, but this was an...

PlugNLearn in the Real World...

element14 : Blog List - FAMiLab-GGHC

With our deadline fast approaching, we checked off one more milestone - we wanted to put the PlugNLearn kit in the hands of actual High School students and teachers - and get feedback.


We explained the concept of the Sensing Platform, and then demonstrated the PlugNLearn sensor hub along with several SenseAble nodes.








After the quick demonstration, we setup an electric burner and showed how...

robot face

element14 : Blog List - XinCheJian GGHC


一开始想了很多,想要机器人可以在老师视频和机器人的脸可以互相切换展现在学生面前。机器人还能给学生出简单数学题目 或玩一些简单益智游戏。









目前已经可以通过过android apk程序嵌入webkit --> HTML(javascrip)控制 --> 机器人的脸部(FLASH)。






XinCheJian Bill of Material

element14 : Blog List - XinCheJian GGHC

You can find the latest bill of material here (we may update it again just before the deadline).


Total so far to reproduce it in China: USD$205.9 (RMB1361.00).





USD$205.9, RMB1361.00

XinCheJian engineering team for the GGHC

element14 : Blog List - XinCheJian GGHC

Min Lin Hsieh 谢旻琳.JPG

Min Lin Hsieh 谢旻琳: our community manager, director of purchasing, president of marketing, master of social media relations, etc...


Danzel Lee 李劲 Swat Su 苏迪 Worlf Wang 王宇.JPG

Danzel Lee 李劲, Swat Su 苏迪, Worlf Wang 王宇: photographer, (future) mechanical engineer, woodworker

Michael Liao.JPG


Michael Liao: amateur mechanical engineer

林秋 Maksim.JPG

Maksim 林秋: UI design, interaction expert

Lionello Lunesu.JPG

Lionello Lunesu: hacker!

Lionello Lunesu: daytime software developer and nightime...

XinCheJian update at T-14 hours

element14 : Blog List - XinCheJian GGHC

The clock read T-14 hours and keeps on ticking  [http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?msg=GGHC+Deadline&month=5&day=4&year=2011&hour=0&min=0&sec=0&p0=224] still, but the problem is that in Shanghai it's already past midnight on Wednesday leaving precious little time to catch up on some sleep and get back to work on the final stretch.
Today was a real marathon with a big chunk...

All of the low-level stuff you need to know about the Educubes

element14 : Blog List - Workshop 88 - Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

Jim has linked to some of his work on the communications between the cubes, but all of it should be linked to from here:


W88 Educube IR board


Educube IR Board update


A Rude Awakening on Educube Comms Performance


Educube Performance Update


Design notes on Educube


His last post is a comprehensive walk through of all the low-level communications.  It's a really great summary of what is going on...

The Educube parts list

element14 : Blog List - Workshop 88 - Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

So you want to build your own set of Educubes?   Here are all the parts you're going to need to build a set of 5 cubes, like we did for the project.


Most of the parts we were able to get from Element14.  The "brains" of our project is an AVR MEGA microprocessor which we put on a arduino clone (the Diavalino) and the power is supplied by a battery pack of 4 AA batteries.  Both the...

T-minus 24 hours...

element14 : Blog List - FAMiLab-GGHC

Here at FAMiLab, the mood is excellent - we only have 24 hours left, but we've hit a MAJOR milestone.


We've built a full hub based on the GLCD (graphic LCD) hub example code that is on github. It supports 6 SenseAble nodes based on the node example source code on github, with automatic addressing. Any combination of SenseAbles sensors can be used on the 6 ports, and the data is displayed and...

PlugNLearn - More progress...

element14 : Blog List - FAMiLab-GGHC

With ~24 hours to go, work continues at FAMiLab.


Tonight, sirwolfgang, f00bard, tomlong74 and I spent the evening on a variety of tasks - Tomlong74 continued working on his amazing case design, fusing acrylic, cutting and drilling acrylic rod and making things fit. I was troubleshooting issues with my soldering job on the "plan b" pcb with sirwolfgang's help. Sirwolfgang was also putting the...

Big Board wrap-up 6: Other components

element14 : Blog List - Hack Factory Global Hackerspace Challenge

Of course, lots of fun in electronics comes from other types of componets- light dependent resistors, magnetically activated reed relays, potentiometers, rotary encoders, pushbuttons, dip switches, and many others. We created a couple of those components for various circuits- we have some ideas for others. Below find some pictures and details of things related to these other components.



https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_aPICB9yeZMQ/Tb-DbfxlD9I/AAAAAAAAFMg/6RCV6N4-Nx8/s400/DSC03684.JPG https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_aPICB9yeZMQ/Tb-DzTk1GHI/AAAAAAAAFRY/y92pXd8UZOg/s400/DSC03715.JPG


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