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March 18 2018

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March 15 2018

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self care is putting yourself to bed on a regular schedule because it’s the base treatment for mood disorders

there’s no twist or anything it’s just really really good for u to sleep at consistent times

me reading this at 5am:

March 14 2018

German sexting …
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https://xkcd.com/1967/ - Violin Plots

"Strictly speaking, 'violin' refers to the internal structure of the data. The external portion visible in the plot is called the 'viola.'"
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Stephen William Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018)
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I agree on the Mother Jones bias. However, a problem with this issue is that only one side seems to even bother doing serious data collection, presumably because the other side already knows that the data is not going to support their position.
I'd rather use something like CDC data or ATF data, but the Republican party made sure that those agencies can't even properly research gun violence. (Dickey Amendment, Tiahrt Amendment)
Hell, the ATF is not even allowed to keep searchable electronic gun ownership records! "Tracing a gun" often means someone at ATFs National Tracing Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia has to walk to a physical cardboard box somewhere and find the right piece of paper. (This is for Out-of-Business Records. Otherwise the request is forwarded to the gun dealer who sold the weapon.)
The CDC published a study of Firearm Violence in 2015. But that study did only look at regular violent crimes (using only data from Delaware). It did not look at mass shootings and did not contain any data sets relevant to mass shootings.
(But conservatives often claim that this study found no link between fatalities from mass shootings and gun legislation. Which technically is kind of true because the study did not investigate that question at all! It's like saying the moon is made from cheese because the Stanford Prison Experiment did not produce evidence to the contrary.)
Links to other data sets would be very welcome. I'd be happy to compare data sets and/or rerun the same analysis with other data sets.

March 13 2018

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Re the claim that "90% of all mass shootings happen with illegally possessed guns": That is just an outright lie. Shame on you if you made this nonsense up! And if you just repeated the lie from another source then I hope you will disregard that source in the future.
Between the years 1980 and 2017 significantly more than 60% of the mass shootings have been committed with legally obtained weapons.

Regarding the statistics you quote: Overall gun violence is of course a red herring when it comes to data about mass shootings. Ever heard of bayesian thinking? duh!
But that's a usual pattern for people arguing a weak position: Making false claims and weak arguments, and when pressured about that nonsense quickly change the topic to something else.
If you want to argue from data, then argue from the relevant data, not pick some unrelated data and claim that it is a good proxy for something else! Otherwise everyone will see that you don't know what you are talking about.
Let's look at relevant data: Can you spot the point in time in the graph below at which the Assault Weapons Ban expired?

This graphs are based on the US Mass Shootings Dataset, 1982-2018: From Mother Jones’ in-depth investigation into mass shootings.
My analysis of that data set in Jupyter Notebook can be found here.
Regarding your final point: Yes, mentally disturbed individuals are at the core of the issue. Namely people who are victim to the mass delusion that there is no link between mass shootings with large numbers of fatalities and easy access to military grade weapons.

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